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The University is Highly Honored in the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress

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From June 25 to 27, 2018,theGlobal Bamboo and Rattan Congress was held in the China National Convention Center.Zhou Guomo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, led a delegation of over 40 people in total to attend the Congress, which included Fang Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, directors of the International Department, the Social Cooperation Department, the International institutes and other institutions, a group of experts in the bamboo industry, and foreign students.

As a partner of this conference, our university has hosted and attended many branch conferences of the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress. With an emphasis on "Carbon Sinksfor Bamboo Forests" and under the leadership of Professor Zhuo Guomo, the university cooperated withtheChina Green Carbon Foundation, andtheInternational Network for Bamboo and Rattan to host three branch conferences respectively themedaround"Life Cycle Assessment", "Bamboo Ecosystemand Bamboo Forest Cultivation"and "MonitoringofCarbon Sink Projectsand Carbon Trade".Experts, such as Zhou Guomo, Fang Wei, Gui Renyi, Zhang Wenbiao, Shi Yongjun, Wang Lei and Frank Berninger, exchanged views with their counterpartsfromaround the world on such topics as bamboo forest response to global climate change and sustainable development, development of carbon sink projectsforbamboo forests, bamboo forest management and carbon sinksinsoil, carbon storage of bamboo products, and carbon footprint.

At the branch conference on YouthandtheFutureofBambooand Rattan, Fang Wei called on the broad masses of young people to contribute to the development of bamboo and rattanbenefits awarenessand global sustainable development with scientific andpatrioticspirits. On the special conference on Youthand FutureofBambooand RattanatZhejiang A & F University, the representatives of foreign students performed unique shows, which fully displayed the grace of younginternational students in the university.

During the conference, Zhou Guomo also held talks with Liu Zhongbo, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Yibin. In addition, the university signed a strategic cooperation agreement withtheYibin Municipal People's Government.Bothsides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the construction of "China's Bamboo Homeland·the Most Magnificent Bamboo Sea" and the whole bamboo industry chain. They will jointly build the Instituteof Bamboo Industry, the Southwest Bamboo Cultivation Center, the World's Bamboo Culture, bamboo eco-tourism destinations, innovative and entrepreneurial talent training bases, and the National Engineeringand Technology Research Centerfor Comprehensive Utilizationof Bamboo Resources. They will also cooperate in running schools and set up the envoy workstations to support poor areas through technology.

The school also signed a cooperation agreement with Changning County of Yibin City on the project"the ConstructionofaHigh-Tech Demonstration Parkinthe Bamboo Industry". Specifically,bothsides will cooperate in the fields of technology transformation of bamboo industry, demonstration of the development of industrial integration, and personnel training in the bamboo industry.

It’s beenreported that with the theme of "South-South Cooperationcan PromoteSustainable Green Development", the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress aimstopromotethe sustainable development of the global bamboo and rattanindustry andhasattemptedtobuildan international platform for bamboo and rattan technology innovation, industrial cooperation, policy dialogue and knowledge sharing. About 1,200 representatives attended the conference, includingpeoplefrom the member states of the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan,andrelevant international organizations and non-governmental organizations, as well as scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises.