The College of Forestry and Biotechnology is the oldest college at Zhejiang A&F University. Its predecessor was the Department of Forestry founded in 1958 and is the basis of the development and growth of the school. In the past 60 years, inspired by the pioneering, hardworking and enterprising spirit of silviculturists and educators from past generations, and through their efforts and those of the following generations, the college has made tremendous contributions to the construction and development of the school, and cultivated a large number of forestry talents for the country.

The predecessor of the college was the Department of Forestry at the beginning of the founding of the school. Its development history is that the Department of Forestry was founded in 1958, the Department of Forestry and the Department of Economic Forest were emerged in 1989, it was renamed the Department of Resources and Environment in 1998, renamed the College of Life Science in 2002 and renamed the College of Forestry and Biotechnology (College of Environmental Science and Technology) in 2005, and renamed the College of Forestry and Biotechnology in 2006. During the development of the college, 14 disciplines (departments) and 17 specialties were cultivated and developed. Some disciplines and specialties have been phased out and new colleges have been created, and outstanding contributions have been made to the development and growth of school.

The college has strong teaching resources, and 124 faculty members, including 90 full-time teachers (87% of which have doctoral degrees). There are 34 professors, 31 associate professors, 19 doctoral supervisors and 65 master supervisors. There is one national teaching team and there are four provincial key innovation teams; one national "Changjiang Scholars", one national "Outstanding Youth", one national “National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project” talent, three people enjoying special government allowance from the State Council, one distinguished professor of Zhejiang province, two people in Zhejiang "Thousand Talents Program", two people in Zhejiang "Entrepreneurship Thousand Talents"; one advanced individual of national teacher's ethics, one advanced individual of a national ecological construction outstanding contribution award, one person with the China Forestry Industry Outstanding Contribution award, one “young and middle-aged” expert with outstanding contribution, two agricultural science and technology outstanding contributors of Zhejiang, six people at the first level of new century 151 talent engineering, one rookie of worship of Zhejiang, one outstanding teacher of universities in Zhejiang Province, one five-star young teacher of Zhejiang, six “young and middle-aged” discipline leaders of Zhejiang province, and more than 20 external visiting professors.

The college began trial implementation of the discipline system in 1999, established the silviculture discipline on the basis of bamboo, economic forest and afforestation teaching and research office, fully implemented the discipline system management in 2003, and ensured that everyone has a sense of discipline, and the research direction was realized. There are two provincial first-class disciplines (class A) of Forestry (including three second-level disciplines of Silviculture, Forest Protection, Genetics), Ecology (including two second-level disciplines of Ecology, Botany). Forestry is the key discipline of the State Forestry Bureau, and Botany is the key cultivation discipline of the State Forestry Bureau. The Chinese Traditional Medicine discipline is the school-level key discipline.

The college now has seven undergraduate programs (direction) of Forestry (Sino-Canadian educational joint program), Forestry, Forest Protection, Ecology, Biological Technology, Biological Technology (Biopharmaceutics) and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Forestry is the national characteristic specialty and provincial dominant specialty, and is listed as one of the first batch of the undergraduate specialty comprehensive reform experimental unit specialties of the local universities and colleges of the Ministry of Education "Undergraduate Teaching Project", the Biotechnology is the provincial characteristic specialty, and the Forest Protection and Chinese Traditional Medicine are the provincial emerging characteristic specialties. There are more than 1,100 undergraduate students at school. It builds one national college students' campus practice base, and one national forestry experimental teaching demonstration center. There is one forestry postdoctoral research station, one doctoral training program of bamboo resources and efficient use, three first-level discipline academic master programs of Forestry, Biology and Ecology, 14 second-level discipline academic master programs such as Silviculture, one full-time professional master program of forestry, and one agricultural extension (forestry) master program. There are 12 postdoctoral students, 14 doctoral students and 366 master students.

The college has a national key laboratory of subtropical forest cultivation co-founded by the province and ministry, a national and local joint engineering laboratory of biopesticide high efficient preparation technology, and 12 ministerial and provincial-level scientific research platforms of key laboratory of bamboo science and technology of the Ministry of Education co-founded by the province and ministry, Chinese Torreya engineering technology research center of the State Forestry Bureau, Dendrobium Official Engineering Research Center of the State Forestry Bureau, key laboratory of the Modern Forest Cultivation Technology of Zhejiang, Biological Pesticide Engineering Laboratory of Zhejiang, Green Pesticide 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of Zhejiang, Tianmu mountain positioning station of the State Forestry Bureau, Scientific and Technological Innovation Service Platform of Bamboo Industry of Zhejiang, Scientific and Technological Innovation Service Platform of Forest Tree Germplasm Resources Conservation and Utilization of Zhejiang, and the base of Improved Varieties of Forest Tree of the State Forestry Bureau. It has a batch of advanced scientific instruments and equipment with the total value of more than RMB 89 million.

In the past five years, the college has received 852 funding projects, including 76 national projects (46 national funds) and 138 ministerial and provincial-level projects. A total of RMB 224 million has been invested in scientific research. It published 775 academic papers, including 268 included in three principal indexes including SCI, 169 first-class periodicals and 83 authorized national invention patents. It won three second prizes of the National Science & Technology Progress Award, of which we hosted one. It won three first prizes of science and technology award of Zhejiang; won two first prizes of Liang Xi forestry science and technology award.

The college pays full attention to the advantages of its disciplines, specialties and teachers, and serves the construction of local economy and Zhejiang in the mountains and the new rural construction with the spirit of innovation and hard work. In the past five years, it has signed the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement with more than 20 counties and cities and signed the University-Industry-Research Cooperation Agreement with over 100 enterprises. A total of 96 provincial scientific special commissioners and 12 scientific special teams have been dispatched, and more than 100 technical trainings have been carried out, and more than 10,000 copies of data were issued to fruit farmers and bamboo farmers free of charge. Because the dried fruit team has been sticking to developing the science and technology to serve the local economy, disseminating the dried fruit cultivation technology to the farmers in the mountain for free, helping farmers get rid of poverty and become better off, it is reported by thePeople's Daily, CCTV and other central media and is praised as "the best science and technology personnel".

The college actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, establishes inter-school cooperation with more than 20 universities and research institutions of United States, Canada, Finland, Australia, Sweden, France and other countries (regions), and carries out academic exchanges, joint education, scientific research and other activities. It jointly hosts the forestry specialty undergraduate education with University of British Columbia (UBC).

The college actively participates in the ecological civilization construction and advocates the concept of ecological civilization by using its own discipline advantages. The college actively implements the decision-making operation mechanism of professors governing academic studies and democratic management, is concerned about the study, work and life of staff and students, focuses on refining the "home" culture, and tries hard to build the college as the home of staff, students and alumni by constructing a harmonious campus. The college has won the "National Advanced Basic-Level Party Organization", "Advanced Collective of National Advanced Education System", "National Model Worker Family", "May 1stLabor Medal of Zhejiang", "Advanced Grass-Roots Party Organization of Zhejiang Education System", "Advanced Collective of “Three Educates” of Zhejiang Education System" and other honorary titles.

The college will fulfill the important ideology of “Beautiful scenery is the new gold and silver mines”, closely surrounding the major strategic deployment of the school and continue to carry forward theschool spirit of "Gritty, Surpassing Continuously" as well as the college motto "encouragement and great virtue, innovation and entrepreneurship". Based in Zhejiang, but serving the whole country, it serves "Three Rural Issues ", devotes itself to the talent cultivation and scientific research of ecological civilization, ecological technology and ecological product filed, and marches toward the construction of domestic first-class technology entrepreneurship college with distinctive characteristics!